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 Read this first! House Rules!

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Read this first! House Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Read this first! House Rules!   Read this first! House Rules! EmptySat Nov 24, 2007 3:08 pm

Dear citizens,

This is your host for Singapore Shopping Queen.

A big welcome to all, please bookmark this site as one of your favourite forums.

Please do observe our house rules here:

No swearing/cursing/shouting here (No CAPITALS, no one likes to be shouted at). Do not type any unpleasant words/scold any names here.

This forum is not responsible for any disputes/fradulant issues caused by any bees aka forum members here. No defamation allowed here.

Please do a search before you post because this may be discussed before. Let's keep the place neat & clutter free.

Members are not allowed to harass one another like sending advertorial/offensive/demeaning private messages about your business. (Ban ban ban!)

A forum is a great place to build up friendship, rapport, relationship. A place for advice and a place for us to surf when we are bored. Remember at all times, we do not know who is it behind the screen, there is always a risk here whether this is real. So it is up to our own selves to judge.

However if you had your concern over any suspicious members' misbehaviour, please PM me.

This is all for now.

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Read this first! House Rules!
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